Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Happy Christmas to all (except one)

Christmas is looming and all the long laid plans to spend it with friends may well come to nothing because of the snow and ice which has now been around for nearly a month. If all else fails we have a cupboard full of beans! Tonight we had a better celebration anyway, a solstice / Yule meal of an exquisite roasted runabout chicken and the most expensive bottle of wine in the house courtesy of a friend.
We should have been visiting Glasgow today for my gender clinic appointment but since the car has only ventured out of the garage on those two days of brief thaw last week the thought of driving 190 miles just to say hello to a friendly doctor who just really wants to see that I'm still alive hardly seemed a sensible risk. Hopefully this ghastly snow and ice will be gone by February when I get the next appointment but sadly so will the exhibition Julie wished to see. Waste of a good haircut, he could have seen me looking at my best, the next appointment is two days before my next hairdressing appointment! Oh well.
The Christmas tree which has been growing in the front garden for nearly 10 years put on such a spurt of growth this year that it had completely filled its allocated space. For about the last four or five years it has had a set of mirror ball decorations hanging on it all year round since I was unable to remove them once the tree started to grow. What a huge effort it took to dig out, the ground being so hard and access through the branches so difficult but now it stands about 8 feet tall with a fair degree of character rather than me normal idealised symmetrical Christmas tree. Perhaps there is something of a pagan in me as I enjoy “celebrating” the tree with decorations collected from many sources. For many years I've been buying new glass ornaments to supplement those collected from various of our family and even friends who thought they were throwing theirs out only for me to catch them! This year, partly because of the snow and ice and partly through lack of cash the acquisition of new decorations is in abeyance but I did find one new decoration when I dug up a bright blue "Cinderella number three" toy dolls shoe which had been buried in Julie's sand pit probably at the end of the 1940s! The pit became exposed when I started digging out the route of a rampway through the garden and after two days soaking came up like new and is now front and centre on the tree.
Despite not being able to get our car out onto the road on the hill behind the house others have had little problem arriving at the front and we have had numerous meals with friends in the last week or so including an almost birthday party for me which is excellent because nobody had to sing though these days that does not embarrass me as much use to.
Julie used to send their huge numbers of Christmas cards and send them all over the world at great expense. This year the order placed in early November has only just arrived and was half what she normally used to send, big saving there. Each year she sends out an annual report to many of her friends but not having access to the cheap works colour printer this year she hasn't sent out to many actual sheets but has moved into the electronic age. Though having seen her friends six page PDF Christmas letter thing next year she is setting her sights higher and all at next to no cost, getting the message at last.
Getting the message at last is the widest circle of friends many of whom sometimes only have the Christmas catch up Epistle. This year everybody has voted our letter the most surprising and interesting, I can't think why! The phone has not stopped ringing!
My greatest disappointment at not being able to get out these last few weeks is not finding a decent pair of earrings for Christmas. I was even more disappointed when my friend's wife turned up with sparkly crystal Christmas trees hanging from each ear and all I have is the clip on Christmas puddings which she gave me last year when I said I had nothing to wear, I wasn't sure she hadn't done this as a form of torture since the clips are so hard. Some form of improvisation is required here to save the pain on the ears.
We have been saved the expense of special paper to wrap presents this Christmas since there aren't any! We are each getting gas for the central heating and that is difficult to wrap, as presents go this is the best we could possibly have hoped for and are both delighted.
I have just seen the time and I have just seen the time and have to get up fairly early to see someone so there is no time to post any pictures, hopefully I will get some  up soon.



  1. All except one? o.O

  2. Who is the 'one'?

    I've noticed a decline in Christmas cards received in recent years. I think that this can only be a good thing all round. I'm pleased to see you're managing to dig your way out of the snow a little and meet up with other human beings.

    Have a wonderful, warm christmas.

  3. Did I miss something, who is the one?
    with regard to clip on earings, I have just ordered some magnetic clip ons to see if they are any more comfortable than the spring clip type. They should look like pierced ones. The were quite cheap from an e-bay shop called Caprilite. I will let you know how I get on with them, when the post finally delivers.

  4. I'm so happy to hear you have a cupboard full of beans. This will assure that you and Julie have a musical Christmas!

    Melissa XX

  5. We are all as tight as a bowstring from curiosity

  6. A newcomer to our corner of the net has been behaving with discourtesy to put it kindly.

    I have a very high tolerance threshold as you can see with only one excluded and if they were to pass this way they would instantly know who they were.

  7. Can you tell us more? I am sure that I am not the only one who is curious to know what this person has done. You don't have to name them but you have to tell us more.


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