Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Unfriendly picture.

On following friends lists I have the worst image on blogger, not even blank but a question mark in a blue square!

I have removed and reinstalled pictures on my profile and on my google profile to no avail. Does anyone have any suggestions how to fix this, google help does not!?


  1. I don't think Google changes the pic on friend lists when you alter it in any way. You still have the older pic with the red hair on my blog. Try un-following and then following again. That might update it. :)

  2. Caroline
    Possibly not as helpful as you would like but I had a problem with my picture to begin with as all that showed up as a follower was a grey and white profile. What I discovered is that I needed to put my photo on another google place that was not my blogger profile. I think that it was google friends ore something like that. I will try to recreate what I did and if it works i will let you know.

  3. No suggestions, but I was wondering what had happened. Hope you find and answer. :)

  4. Sorry, no help here. My stats are broken, and I can't bring up the template designer. With Blogger, I guess we get what we pay for. :(

  5. Hi all. I certainly got what I paid for, nothing.

    Amy, you have a classic, I would not like to spoil it for you!

    Thanks, going to try starting from scratch one more time.

  6. I really dont know what you are talking about. When you comment on my blog, your face shows up as a square, with your left ear flopped over, and a pink and a blue triangle, and a green dot in the middle. It's a perfectly lovely face................for a Jovian!

    Melissa XX

  7. So Melissa has proved that I can load the default picture, this is me trying to load a new portrait, fingers crossed.

  8. Caroline I looked at some of your comments on my post and your profile pic is there. Your pic also shows on this commentary window.

    Maybe try turning off showing pics on your own blogs comment replies and then turning it back on. That may reset it. Good luck!

  9. OK so now you seem to be a big red X in a white box....come back!


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