Monday, 3 January 2011

upside down in cloud: getting heard

Scotland hardly even bothered with christmas when I first moved here 40 years ago but saved all it's energies for New Year.

Strangers arriving with a "first foot" present were usually welcomed into people's homes and offered a dram of whisky, they usually arrived with a bottle anyway to ensure that they would be welcome.

Times change and we whizz about in our cars rather than walk the streets where everyone was friendly, homes are full of more stuff which we guard against strangers, the parties are fewer.  Even ten years ago it was more lively, Jill was a teacher from Australia on an exchange with a cousin so she was invited to our new Year's party on her first day here, I set off walking her home at 2 am. but surprised her by saying that I would introduce her to someone interesting on the way home and joined an international party at the new house which was still going strong when we left several hours later. The hostess was in her eighties though she still thought she should be in her twenties!

We must be getting older (not as strong as our "old" friend), since we now have a large lunch party on new year's day though this year the numbers self reduced through various family disruptions and those falling foul of the winter flu . Eventually it ended up as just over optimum!

People have been dropping in or vice versa ever since, many are not looking forward to the return to work in the next few days.

Sales prices have just had an extra 2 1/2% added over night, that was a year's inflation target, going to be interesting to see how this works out. Luckily we have more stuff than we need so no rush to buy anything and my shape and size is in a state of flux so no hurry to buy much in the way of clothes just yet.

The nasty so called comedy couple who like to denigrate us as well as other disadvantaged groups have been given airtime by the Belligerent Broadcasting Company and dark forces have been at work again to eliminate any protests. See what happened to Dru's blog.

upside down in cloud: getting heard