Sunday, 20 March 2011

Ladies who lunch...

Humans are strange creatures, our lives can turn just on the meeting by one special person at the right time, or not! For no logical reason we can deny ourselves is simply attainable pleasure which others would take for granted daily that which we could deny ourselves stubbornly for our whole lives. Today I finally attained something only briefly tasted many decades ago, only humans could be this stupid!
I was in my early teens and new that a local girl could easily give me the pleasure which I so longed for, I knew she had granted several others already. We didn’t know each other too well and she will slightly haughty so it took some courage and a little time before I found the way to ask her and was more than a little surprised when she said yes. To say that I was more than a little disappointed when she called a halt after only a minute or so is an understatement, perhaps she saw the pleasure I was having. I knew it was going to be good but had no idea it would be that good! We parted and I don’t think we ever spoke again. For some reason I never met anybody who could quite facilitate the same experience and though I briefly tried to go out of my way to seek it I soon gave up and assumed I would never have a chance to prove that those initial feelings were as good as I remember. That is until today.
In this modern world you can meet people online and chat away and get to know each other more easily than a random face-to-face encounter in real life. Sometimes this virtual foreplay can lead to actual 4D encounters in real life and today I had one. Being older and more sophisticated we set up a date and met up and had a marvelous lunch in a highly recommended Thai restaurant. Being perverse we both chose something Japanese! Exquisite Bento boxes pleasing both the eye and the taste buds then the indulgence of a little desert. At this point we left to head to my place for coffee after a quick walk through the old town town.
This is all dull everyday stuff, people do it all day everyday but to us it was special.

Muscles and coordination are not quite the same as they were in my youth that the physical joy when it came I don’t have words to describe. How could I have denied myself this pleasure for my whole life? Thank you Louise.

It may be an antique of a bike and like me, past it’s prime, but it rides like that short ride I remembered from all those years ago, what joy and joy to come with my wonderful present. Once again thanks Louise.