Monday, 2 January 2012


New Year is never the best time especially in these northern latitudes with so little sun and subsequent lack of vitamin D. It is best to be aware of any lowering of mood before it overwhelms you. I am so much better about this than I was in former times. 
There are so many things which need to be attended to so that when the seasons change we are ready to be free to take advantage and get out if we wish, another road trip if it can be afforded comes to mind…
Blogs were my chosen social media and continue to draw me back though many which I used to follow have now run dry… For over two years now I have been on fb and have a few there who regularly entertain me but my posts based on my dull life have not triggered much comment or sparked any regular correspondence, well those who replied most died which is not a good sign! I do know because with yet another change there impending with their timeline imposition I have read through my timeline from beginning to end. Editing is only possible post by post which is why I was still up at 4.30 this morning… In hindsight it would have been easier to go with my first thought which was to delete the account and start another, I would not be so tired now. 
New Years Resolutions are made to be broken, everybody knows that, so I have made one with the express intention of eventually breaking it. Whilst sticking with it I will be able to assess just how much that which I am choosing to give up is part of my life, do I get cravings to indulge, does anyone notice I am not engaging and get in contact. Already I feel a sense of freedom and a freeing of more time to post blogs…
Bye-bye timeline, bye-bye...


  1. It's actually quite difficult to delete a FB account! I tried, when I slimmed 2 down to 1. I can't say I use FB a great deal, I'm not totally blown away by its value.

    Happy Hogmanay

  2. Blogging beats booking anytime which is why you can find 118 blog posts and no FBs from me.

  3. Blogging beats booking anytime which is why you can find 118 blog posts and no FBs from me.

  4. I didn't realise you were talking about facebook. I was worried that you were going to stop blogging!

    Please don't stop blogging.

    Best wishes for 2012

  5. You know, I have a FB account and I check it about 6 times a year or so. Generally when I get that email from FB that says they missed me. I have never been active on it. I much prefer private emails and blogging.

    Thank God you're not giving up on the blogging world! Like Anji, that's what I thought as I was reading this.

    Happy New Year, Caroline!

    Calie xxx

  6. I use fB to keep in touch with friends who have moved on. If they keep changing the format I might have to rethink the need for it. I would get the updated postings in my e-mail account until they restructured it and those stopped. Ugggggh! Kay had to show me how to change and update the posting. Now I feel better.
    But I still need my blog to let me vent sometimes.

  7. I have made some real life friends through the net but none of my family or 3D friends are on Facebook...

    I have been cleaning up my emails and see how useful the fb email updates were, one step forward, two steps back I think...

    So far no withdrawal symptoms and nobody has made any attempt to make contact through email. Guess I am not really missed yet.


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