Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Short update.

How could I resist a post on a date like this, sadly I means that the rest of the year will be ruined with olympic this and olympic that , all ignoring the original spirit of the original Olympian gatherings. If you ever get a chance to visit Olympia it is a magical site though in the spirit of our age the museum was robbed of exhibit this week!
Life here is settled into a quiet routine. My wound where the graft failed is healing well though not all the old skin is away yet. Many of the tags of the dissolvable stitches have been removed now and it no longer feels like sitting on tacks. I have become strangely familiar with my liquid waste, some strange stuff can come out sometimes, sorry perhaps this is too much…
I set up a cosy nest in the room where we keep the Mac for my recovery time when I came home, I did not really expect to still be here now but with my raised bed height and all my meds and pads and… so much stuff stored here by the nurses! Looks like I shall be here a while yet.
I have been taking a lot of photographs recently but not the kind which I am inclined to post here! Good to see how things are progressing! Every day I find myself doing more and feeling better and despite the setback I remain very cheerful. Shame the flowers have stopped coming...



  1. At least the spring is coming, and by the time you are active again there will be a few flowers out, and a milder feel in the air. Although I haven't forgotten a visit to Wick in mid-April 2010, when sleet was a possibility from hour to hour, and the only flowers in evidence were daffodils near the station!

    Keep warm and comfortable.


  2. Glad to see you are taking it easy Caroline. Things will improve you know that. Yes, as Lucy says it will soon be Spring and you will be more active by then, not too much at first though. I look forward to seeing some of the photos you will be taking then. I'll take a rain check on the other ones...LOL

    Shirley Anne xxx

  3. Wick in April, that was brave!

    Thanks for your thoughts...


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