Sunday, 18 March 2012

Mother's Day...


Not much finds it’s way into my inbox these days, google has really messed up the comments thread following as if it wishes to kill off bloggers!
In the UK today is Mother’s Day. I was very young when I decided that I would never have anything to do with bringing another soul into this hellish world, it was a few more years before I found out that I was much weirder than even I had thought and had no place in the regular society into which I had been born. I survived the best I could with little enthusiasm for life. This did not mean that if sisters or friends had children that I would not engage with them, in fact I made a point of being more of my true self with these small creatures than at any other time. When it came to my telling them of my transition I was told things like “we never did have an uncle!”, they became some of my biggest supporters…
My one email today was a Mother’s Day e-card… A friend’s daughter had long ago started sending father’s day cards to remind me that she had chosen me as her emergency backup parent should disaster strike. We have much more fun together now! Just a couple of weeks until she flies back for Easter and we can hug again…
It is very hard for me to imagine how I would have felt about creating my own children had I been born female, being a lesbian in the sixties would not have really made my life much easier than being transsexual in the eyes of the rest of society! At least I have got to feel a small part of the emotional bond parents must have with their children and I have to admit it feels good.


  1. Thanks Caroline, I tried to reply to your comment on my blog but as you say the comments thread is mucked up. I am half way through a PM to you so will give you a shout soon.


  2. I know what you mean about the comments situation and on top of that they make it so difficult to post a comment having to log in and then having to copy almost illegible words before it gets posted. Whatever happened to 'waiting moderation' or as is the case with my Wordpress account just allowing comments once the commentator has been accepted the first time? We can still delete unwanted comments anyway! I digress.
    Remember that you too were once one of those 'small creatures' Caroline. How nice to be remembered as a 'back-up parent'. Having children is a wonderful experience whether as a mother or father but children do have their moments. All part of life.

    Shirley Anne x

  3. I don't get anything for mother's day, nor indeed father's day- still, I count my blessings with the House Teenager, and recall that there's a great swathe of other people with imperfect or unhappy things in their life... yay for you getting your e-mail!


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