Sunday, 22 April 2012

Since half the country was declared a drought zone it has not stopped raining!

I keep looking at the Mac as I wander through the house and wonder what it is for…
For so long now it has been the focus of my half life, that limbo time in transition but since I have been reading so many books and watching cooking programmes off the recorder it is starting to gather a film of dust even with Julie's increased use…
I don’t think I was really much good at the social media, wasted too much time trying to join in but few really interacted with an ancient old biddy like me no matter how many times I tried to make what I thought were interesting or witty comments. Now that we have regained our mobility we are finding ourselves out visiting more and more with live friends, best see them as much as possible while they are still alive!

Fang, ain't she cute

I perhaps over did my return to gardening, I spent a long time outside on Sunday cutting away easy to reach growth which I did not wish to compost myself but could get uplifted with the communal collection on Monday. My muscles really have wasted away and I woke with an ache in the shoulder and had a whole day of tiredness, this recovery is starting from a low level! Since I had not been to have my hair trimmed since mid December I should not have been surprised that I could hardly see what I was doing. I searched for one of the many elastic ties to hold back the world’s shortest ponytail but could not find a single one after my clean out when I went short… I made up a headband, felt like I was back into the early 70’s! 

Magnolias have all taken a rusty
 look after the frost

Sorted the hair problem with a visit to Sally but not before I did what I had feared doing and avoided for forty years. My auto pilot caused me to take the bridge into the city, thank goodness there are no longer any tolls but over three miles extra and into the hell of perpetual illogical roadworks at the other end before I arrived a few minutes late for my hairdressing appointment, reputation for punctuality ruined. Another visit to Aly had my eyebrows changed from hairy caterpillars to something more presentable, a bit of eyelash tinting to give a bit of definition since with no stereo vision close up I can never be able to apply any fancy makeup techniques...
After my operation I was given a doctors note to excuse me from work for twelve weeks, I guess I could have shown it to myself if the urge to work had come... The only requests came when I was unable to leave the house! I expect there will be a flurry of interest as soon as we leave for the south and my post op checkup… This enforced rest and the time waiting to leave after christmas has left my body in a weak and feeble state! Muscles have dissolved leaving soft fat in their place and as everyone knows muscle burns calories so if you keep to the same diet there will be a slow and steady weight gain… You have all been warned to take care!
With the un seasonal warm weather I was tempted out to start taking some walks with the aim to build up distance and stamina. I started with a walk to the lighthouse and arrived home refreshed by being out tired but ready to continue the next day. I should be so lucky, the weather changed from summer back to winter over night and it has been mostly cold and wet ever since. The urge is to get out and do too much at first, over three months is long enough to really set back your strength and stamina. Yesterday was frustrating having lost the pump connection to inflate the tyres on the bicycle I wished to ride, the old Moulton which I got from Louise last year, it may be forty years old but it has suspension! I gave up in the end and took the folding bike which I am considering taking with us when we go south. It is one thing riding a stationary exercise bike and another going out on the real thing. I returned from my few miles ride with frozen ears and ear ache, that was not all, my delicate rear took a beating from the rough road surface and it was back to a John Wanye  walk for a while.
Come the summer I will need some of my strength and energy back, with going round the garden slowly tidying up the winter dieback and pruning off excess growth all I hear is drip drip drip from countless leaks in the guttering on the roof, such are the joys of living in a house over a hundred and fifty years old! No lying out in the sunshine reading for me this summer...

We have a Clean car at last! Click and experience the thrill...



  1. We've had awful weather too and now the wrong things are growing really fast.

    The car wash was interesting. I don't know why "blow and glow" made me laugh out loud.Looking forward to the triple coloured foam version...

  2. Wow that was some read Caroline! Hey, if nothing else, posting a comment that long does help wile away the hours. Well we asked for rain, need it and now we sure got it! It is difficult to get the right balance with weight and strength after such an operation but I think you should be at nearly normal again by now. Are you eating the correct diet such as high protein foods to build your muscles? That combined with exercise will keep the weight down as long as you have some carbs for stamina too. After my op I was encouraged to eat plenty of high protein foods for rebuilding the body and speeding up the healing process. Just steer clear of fatty foods or foods with high fat content like bread, cakes and such and the more obvious meat products. I hope your post-op check-up finds that all is well for you.

    Shirley Anne x

  3. Dear Caroline,

    I now designate you my "bicycle barometer." You are going to be the one person who can answer the question that I've been asking every post-op woman I know: "How soon after SRS -- excuse me, spa therapy -- will I comfortably be able to ride my bicycle?" Since the bicycle is my main means of transportation along with public transit, it's not an idle question.

    Yesterday I removed my ten-yeur old Brooks B-17 and replaced it with a B-17S "ladies model" so that I can have the entire summer to break it in and soften it. Those leather saddles that are soooo comfortable in the long run are like sitting on concrete when they are new out of the box. Better now, I thought, than after surgery next winter.

    So please ride on and send progress reports!


  4. Hi Robyn, because the weather turned so cold and wet after warm early summer weather in MARCH I did not start riding about until ten weeks post op and the discomfort was more to do with not having been on the bike all winter... Heavy rain as I type!

    I have come across other cyclists so will try and remember who they were and ask the pertinent question.

    I have a brooks saddle on one of the bikes which is so hard it will never get broken in especial now and it looked so beautiful with its copper riveting.

  5. Thank you so much, Caroline! So far you are the only person I've found who has dared get on a bicycle so soon post-op, and you have given me hope. Another friend by correspondence told me flat out that she and others are in pain at the mere sight of a bicycle. I suspected that this might be the pain of someone who does not normally ride a bike anyway, and I think you have confirmed this! My own Brooks is breaking in nicely after a week of riding back and forth to work.


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