Sunday, 1 April 2012

Two months on...


On the first of February I was heading off south for my operation. Now two months on I am finally starting to come alive again as the little discomfort hardly makes itself known unless I am driving or sitting upright for any length of time and the slightly swollen area feels constricted. 
We have had a week of extraordinary weather with record March temperatures finding us sitting outside to eat then having to find hats to shield us from the fierce heat! I am not trying too hard in the garden, just a simple tidy up without too much bending or lifting. A neighbour’s garden help insisted on cutting our grass, here was a tough guy who I had thought would be finding my change harder than most to understand but quite the opposite…
Regaining control of the shopping and doing more cooking again has cheered me up a lot though I have to improve my shop technique since I have been indulging in so much fruit and veg which is not always available in out small town. Waistline has increased a little with the sedentary recovery period and too many visitors with biscuits… A month or so of clean vegetarian living should put me back on track.
Now that I have a follow up appointment date for Brighton thoughts have moved on to planning a short holiday visiting friends and family to fit in with the journey. Even a week ago I was too distracted to concentrate on these kinds of thoughts but as each day brings more improvement I want to get more out of my new life.
I nearly fell for the idea of buying a newly announced high specification camera and trying to resuscitate something of my old reputation but in the digital age. The medium has suited me for less serious records of our travels but to date I have never been tempted to print out anything, here was a machine which seemed to offer something closer to the standard I used to get from conventional photography. Still a hefty lump of a thing to carry about but not as much as my old cameras. If I sold off much of my unused equipment most of the price could be found. Thankfully nikon offered two versions of the same machine so I waited for the reviews to show me which one would best suit my style. Before any such review showed up nikon spotted that they had a high demand for the machine so published a stupid statement no better than “ my dog ate my homework” claiming that they had made an error with the price! It was already higher than in some other countries but clearly they thought that they could squeeze out a bit more from British consumers…
I could probably never make such a thing pay it’s way in an age where everyone is a photographer and it would be an exorbitant price to pay for a heavy toy which would get left behind most of the time and no doubt lead to a need for more hard drive memory and eventually a computer upgrade. As much as I now have nikon to thank for clarifying my thoughts I really dislike this latest of many irritating moves so my love affair with the brand is over. I am finding it surprisingly hard to find a really desirable more portable camera which would be with me most of the time but be under my control. Am I the only one who wants such a thing?

An icy blast has returned us to winter and indoors to continue reading a few more books.



  1. Hi Caroline. Nice to see things are getting back to normal for you. I know what you mean about sedentary lifestyles, in your case enforced, the extra weight just creeps up on you doesn't it? I am sure you'll get that under control though. It's a good idea to incorporate a short holiday with your trip to Brighton, it does seem a bit of a waste to go down there just for a check-up, necessary as that may be. Talking about your 'little discomfort', did you not receive a rubber ring for post use? I was given one encased in a cover and still have it after ten years. You never know, it might come in handy again sometime.....LOL.

    Shirley Anne x

  2. I have a cushion though not donut shaped and it helped when Julie had not pinched it... Semi reclined was my favoured position with a book to hand. this has both revived my enjoyment of reading books and weaned me off social media which had not taken over my life but certainly took up more than enough time. I hope to spend that time more usefully in future.

    A button bursting off my skirt waistband was the warning I needed to refocus on my food intake and yesterday I made my first walk beyond just a short walk to the shops or library, there is hope...

  3. I know what you mean about selecting a new camera! I've been looking hard too at each new announcement, but nothing has yet made me leap into the car and rush off to nearby Park Cameras in Burgess Hill.

    I'm looking for a premium black zoom-lensed large-sensored model, small and light enough to be handbag-friendly. Its lens must go out to 24mm, and be fast throughout its zoom range, certainly f/2 or better at the wide end.

    No interchangeable-lensed models appeal - I've given up on having 'professional' equipment, or anything that means carrying an extra bag around. The Fuji X100? Too expensive, no zoom, and a fancy viewfinder that I don't want. The Fuji X10? The sensor is too small. The Canon G1X? Slightly too bulky, and the lens isn't fast enough.

    So my present Leica D-Lux 4 remains the best option. It's now taken over 30,000 shots, and it seems it must soldier on for some time yet!



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