Monday, 29 October 2012

Autumn colour.

I usually don’t ask for anything for a christmas present, many reasons. As a child I hated presents, not just because of the poor taste of the present givers but mainly because there was no chance on earth that I could ever receive any present which I actually wanted… You should all be able to guess why. 

It was not long before I worked out that christmas was all fairy tales, the tree bit was alright and I do enjoy decorating a tree each year as a form of artwork. Sometimes a dramatic real tree like the one I dug out of the garden a year or so back but it could just as easily be a scavenged artificial tree, This year I have a vision of a decorated tree without any “tree” since they are now so outrageously expensive. If this post reads badly it is because I am multi tasking as one half of my brain has taken on what I was going to say was a tricky project but suddenly ideas are drifting in… As for santa being born in a barn and that being special, I never went for that since being born in a barn round these parts in those days was probably fairly normal… By some quirk of fate my first real paying job was working for santa, a lecherous old guy who liked to cuddle his bunny girl helpers! They all got jobs doing almost nothing for the rest of the year in return!!

This year though I may ask for a present, I have been using my ancient wooden step ladder for quite a few jobs recently but few days ago found myself standing on the top platform whilst unhitching the side netting from my fruit cage and was having to stand on the top platform six feet off the ground because the step which I wanted to use was full of very neat holes, worm holes… Remembering to avoid that step on the way down gets tougher as you get older… Now I am regretting persuading Julie’s cousin not to give me her Rolls Royce standard high steps which she could no longer climb because I said that they should always be available if anyone came to do jobs in her flat with high ceilings.  Guess we will have to eat beans for a month to save up for my safety.

Frost has ruined the last of the bramble crop but not before we had a dinner party finished off with a bramble and raspberry pavlova with a bramble coulee, half devoured before I could grab a camera. Peanut butter has been declared a health food somewhere so after a few years resisting it is on the menu again, this time with bramble jelly, any tightening of the waist band is probably an illusion…

Soon any extra on the waist will be burned up trying to remain warm. The days are shortening and I have just been reminded that darker evenings start this weekend, long dark evenings to try and keep warm with ever increasing fuel prices. Doors are being closed as rooms get abandoned and chill until the spring while we inhabit only about half the house… I never imagined that I would be living in a Victorian freezer, always dreamed of building a super efficient home which captured the heat of winter sun. I often find myself sitting in the only sunny room to soak up the rays and read in comfort, in the bathroom!

Several days since I started this post and we headed of to the hills on a bright sunny day with blue sky in search of some decent autumn colour which we found near the town of Dunkeld. Being cool Julie was able to walk a decent distance to the National Trust Hermitage falls. Sadly the recent gales had taken down quite a number of trees, some of the tallest in the country are found on this short walk. Later returning to Dunkeld for a warming coffee and cake and sitting at a window table we thought we saw tree seeds blowing in the wind, took a little while to work out that it was a few fluffy snow flakes. Before returning to the car we decided to check out the locally owned shops since I was in need of a house warming present in the near future. We were hardly in there for five minutes before outside turned into a full blown blizzard!

Taking the low road out of the blizzard took us away from our preferred rout through the hills but we made up for it but following the south side of the river where we have not been for quite a while. The reed beds came alive in the dying light.

We had hardly reached the outskirts of out village when the snow caught up with us looking like tracer trails into the distance!


  1. So Santa was born in a barn too eh Caroline? Never knew that! Maybe barns are great places to be in the winter, might be far warmer than in a house what with all that straw to keep you warm! Hey, I love those pictures you've taken, really nice but I suppose they don't tell it like it is.....bloomin' cold!

    Shirley Anne x

  2. the countryside looks nice in those pics- I am off to the Forest of Dean tomorrow, hopefully, if the weather be kind. Must make the most of it while it lasts, this colourful part of the autumn. That river reminds me of the one on BBC Springwatch ,where they filmed salmon jumping...

  3. Dru, just the sort of river they could have picked, we passed a wide pond just before the falls which is popular for salmon fishing.

    Shirley Anne, bitterly cold when the breeze gets up but it has been calm recently. I always wondered how santa's reindeer coped in the desert heat or did he start with camels? These old stories all get mixed up after all these years....

  4. Not the only thing getting mixed up either eh? LOL

    Shirley Anne x

  5. Are you saying that you were a bunny girl???

    I love the pictures of the trees - there is nothing quite like autumn. Now you have snow, while we have rain. The pavlova looks delicious.

  6. Anji, not sure that I would ever have wanted to be a bunny girl and I was a bit confused as to where they fitted into the christmas story. I was just an unspotty your who ushered folk onto a bobbing sleigh ride with nodding reindeer in front and a landscape in glow in the dark paint on rolling side screens which sometimes jammed requiring a deft grab and pull before all fell apart. If things were busy they were hardly on before they were off again but when it was quiet they must have thought I really was taking them to the north pole...

    As first jobs go it was different!


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