Thursday, 18 October 2012

Intimacy, I peel off a few layers...

Today I had an assignation to get up close and personal, intimate even. I thought I had better make an effort and got scrubbed clean with a squirt of perfume even. Chose an outfit which would be easy to slip out of, then I got into a small panic when I wore my close reading glasses in front of the mirror and discovered a few hairs sprouting out here there and everywhere though especially round my nipples, not a good look when you are going to be this close to another woman… Out came the tweezers and I set to work, it has been some months since I looked this close and I never thought it possible that I would be this clear on my upper body mostly caused by the hormone change.

I thought that I might have felt a tingle of something slipping off my clothes to bee seen so up close by another woman and then have her hands on my body, firm and authoritative. I feel bad about being this intimate and though I gave her my name she never let on what hers was. After the firmness came some roughness though I had been warned that she might be, my earrings kept getting in the way! She had her way with me putting me into positions I had never dreamed of and then soon she was satisfied and it was all over, I could cover up again.

So that was my first time… I am still wondering why she asked if my bumps had been artificially enhanced! I know that they are quite pert and a real handful, perhaps it was because they were like that and I am so old…

So there you have it, my first mammogram, just now have to keep my fingers crossed that my new bumps are lump free, I hate waiting and it will be three weeks before they let me know.

Unusually for me I have been having a few thought about sex recently, those posts always get a few readers so I should get my thoughts sorted and give you all a proper thrill soon...


  1. The reason they ask if your breasts were surgically enhanced is because if you have implants, then the mammogram involves extra steps, as they need to take top and side shots of the full breast and with the implant pushed out of the way.

  2. As much as I am happy with what I have been able to grow myself I could not imagine someone going to a surgeon with a bag full of cash and asking to "make mine just like my friend Coline's"! I was asked about implants but my partner who followed me was not.

    Here we get two shots each side but only get called for a test every three years. My partner was caught with a small lump at one test and might not have been here with me if it had grown to be found three years later.

    I have written in a humorous way, at least I tried, but so many friends have had breast cancer and not all are still here with us now. This is something which we have to be prepared to get done if the chance arrises in the hope that it does not find evidence of one of natures cruel tricks...

  3. You had me going there for a bit Caroline! Realising what you were talking about didn't dawn on me until you mentioned the mammogram! LOL.... it's an age thing. Wasn't so bad after all was it? I'm sure all be be ok.

    Shirley Anne x

  4. Yea, mammogram are not fun; my wife has a fear of her feet slipping out from under her when she is fully caught and flattened. I had my first mammogram when they discovered a small lump after I was on HRT for 15 months. Since my reconstruction and implants, they only do the other side, but they have to do the first 2 shots, then they grab you breast and squeeze the implants out of the way and take 2 more shots. How lucky that my feet stay under me. And it is painful to have done.

  5. I did wonder what in earth you were on about to start with! Hope that they find nothing.

    Good for you by the way - I clearly need more fertiliser


  6. Glad it went well. I wonder who invented that machine - certainly not a woman.

    We get to see a Doctor straight after the mammogram here, the results are then sent away for statistics use. It took a month for them to get back to me.

    Did I tell you we have invitations for poo tests now too?

  7. Anji, don't poo poo the poo tests, we were on a clinical trial many years ago and it caught a problem for a friend.

    Not only did it save him it gave those doing the trial the most intelligent and comprehensible spokesperson I have ever seen on TV when they needed to ask a patient how they felt about the test.

    when I changed my name I fell off the records, only just found my way back on...

  8. I dutufully did the poo test and the results have come back fine. I've been invited to do another test in two years.


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