Monday, 31 December 2012

Auld Lang Syne (cover by Danielle Ate the Sandwich)

When I first came to Scotland over forty years ago there was little fuss made over christmas here and people were back to work almost straight away afterwards and back to normal unlike in England where more fuss was made and the day after was always a holiday too.

In England little fuss was made of new year’s eve whilst up here everything usually stopped to allow parties to go on for days and hangovers to be recovered from before restarting trains and everything else on the 4th. It was not unusual for people to be invited into homes for a drink after midnight on new year’s eve especially if they were carrying a gift or a bottle of strong drink… Getting your first foot, first visitor of the year was important. 

One year I was escorting an Australian teacher who had just arrived for a years exchange with a cousin and it was only right to invite her to a new years eve dinner party to welcome her to Scotland. In the early hours of the morning I had to show her where she lived! On the way I decided to demonstrate the new year’s eve openness and got us invited into a house where we were still drinking fizzy wine hours later!! 

These days it is much quieter, houses stay dark and fewer are about and those who are seem to prefer to go to larger events like that in Edinburgh with bands and fireworks laid on by the city at great expense.

Now both countries seem to have been infected by each other’s festivities and many now have holidays from christmas eve until early in the new year and if they are lucky they spend it far away where it is warm and sunny…

Since the 20th we have been visiting friends far and wide or going to parties, quiet affairs due to our age, and it continues with a lunch party tomorrow then we shall see what happens. Soon all will be quiet again and we shall have our heads down waiting for signs of spring but knowing that just because the days are getting longer the coldest weather is still probably yet to come…

Happy New Year to you all.