Thursday, 3 January 2013

One year on...

Eleven months ago I awoke reborn, transformed beyond anything I had ever imagined would ever be possible for me. Body changed and a surprise for me mind now finally clear of old pain and regret.

That means that a year ago I was here having survived the holiday festivities and in a state of slight anxiety. I had thought that it would have been to do with the impending operation, fear of complications, pain and possible death but non of these things seemed to bother me at all, I was getting a chance to transform my body to something very close to how it always should have been and nothing would stop me signing my name on the consent form and living with the consequences. It seemed a little like signing up for a car crash, go in healthy and come out with wounds to heal, as it turned out there was little suffering from the operation itself, just back pain from lying in one position for so long and gut pain from gases as it all restarted.

What did worry me was getting there at a time of year when a slight fall of snow can bring transport links to a halt and the possibility of a cold or last minute medical thing like blood pressure have me rejected. Not sure how I would have dealt with that!

As it was all went smoothly, I arrived on time a day before snow and ice settled all around and I was so calm having arrived safely my blood pressure for once was not affected by any white coats…

One year ago already!