Friday, 15 March 2013

Frozen pond and potholes...

We are being toyed with by the weather. Nearly two weeks of calm dry sunny days have turned to damp bitterly cold or snowy days which would be worse if I was not suffering with the after effects of a cold. Coughs often plague me after a cold and this is one of the worst ever but is not clearing much from my system.

To make up for not working in the garden we have been sociable when cold permitted. Our friend Louise had a girls night in last weekend and offered the spare room for the night so that wine could be enjoyed without the thought of a fifty mile drive home. As it was we woke to a white world half way up a hill! Thank goodness for new tyres… 

Some of the roads around here are becoming dangerous after years of wilful neglect by roads departments, more and more report ruined tyres after driving into pot holes when roads are wet, soon we shall all be driving at walking speed when off main routes! 

A good covering of snow greeted us on the very day we were to hand over the fruits of one of Julie’s projects. Copies of paintings had been framed up for a new navy destroyer named after a local hero, what had seemed to everyone else as a simple job had driven us crazy for a month and on the day of the hand over in a country house with steep twisting driveway we had some of the worst snow of the winter. We made it over the worst roads we have seen since Greece in the 80’s after flash floods and even got up the drive which defeated the navy! Got to sit opposite the captain of this billion pound destroyer at lunch and he turned out to be good conversationalist. This may have trumped on of Britain’s foreign ambassadors and his wife joining our table at a dinner a few days previously, I persuaded Mary, the wife to try our new weight control regime pointing out that the buffet table of deserts was actually allowed in the regime…

Such is the almost surreal life of your blogger, months of quite followed by the almost unbelievable...



  1. Odd weather has been happening on this side of the pond as well. A little more than a couple of weeks ago we had more than a meter of snow on the ground. Wichita was all but paralyzed for a day. It was like nature said, "Okay, slow down for a bit."

    Today it was warm enough to go without a jacket. Tomorrow will be shirt sleeve weather. The day after will need a jacket again.

    Where we live there is a common joke, "Don't like the weather? Wait a little bit. It'll change!"


  2. It's getting really tiresome. So fed up with the cold and the ice. Minus 5 the night before last and the seemingly constant beast from the East wind. Anyone would have thought it was December.

    I think we both need some sun and a little bit of heat .... And heat from the sky not from a log burner.

    That ice in your picture looked lethal.

    Hope the cough and cold improves soon

  3. Despite what you think Becca January and February are traditionally the coldest months of the year, not December but I know what you mean, it is lingering somewhat isn't it? It appears though that nothing will prevent Caroline from her quests and appointments! Nice bit of driving. The pot-hole menace has just been featured on the national newscasts and yes, they are a pest, especially if you cannot see them under snow or puddles. Look what happened to Dr. Foster....LOL

    Shirley Anne x

  4. Actually feeling good about it. Like most berliners, felt that the warm stretch was too early to be spring. Now that the snow is back, can feel confident that this is the last sting in the tail before the W-word is put in the closet for as long as possible.

  5. This morning the Parisiens were told to stay at home - never before heard of.

    You do meet some interesting people.

    I love the leaves caught in the ice


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