Sunday, 17 March 2013

The scariest video you will ever see. Open theft of a health service...

The scariest video you will ever see.

Our public funded health service has been systematically degraded to be replaced by private funded companies who are obligated to put profit before health care!

All political parties have been following slight of hand tactics to make NHS look unworkable so that it can be replaced by a system which will not even try to look after health.

The same methodology is being followed by gangsters over the whole world and your health is at stake!

If this does not have you screaming at the screen in fury they have won...


  1. It is rather frightening isn't it? Do you think all this will happen if the present government is voted out of office? Do all parties agree with these principles? Maybe they don't.
    Speaking of scary movies though, I can show you movies much worse that this one ah but wait a minute, I posted one on my blog a week or so back. Nobody took that one seriously even though in my estimation it is of more importance.

    Shirley Anne x

  2. Shirley Anne, if you watched this you now know that in your old age there will be no recognisable National Health Service with treatment for all but you will be at the mercy of private companies for which you will need very expensive health insurance if you can get it!

    This is on a par with the way the Russian mafia have stolen all the assets of the USSR leaving the population in poverty! Sleazy politicians are all following the same plan leaving the doctors to take the blame when they have to start rationing treatments.

    The NHS was far from perfect but will be looked back on as a golden era now that we are being cast into the jaws of pure economic greed...

  3. Yes I am aware and that is why it is frightening. It will become legalised euthanasia and the only way you could stay alive would be to sell everything you've got, probably your house too! Who voted the Tories in? Not me.

    Shirley anne x

  4. Not just the tories! They are only standing on the shoulders of left wing lunatics who fooled everyone that they were looking after our NHS!

    When they are all in it there is no hope. Where is the media in all of this?


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