Saturday, 24 August 2013

Last of the beans but first of the brambles and pink fir apples.

Two weeks since my last post. Not because there  has been nothing to write about, quite the contrary and just too busy to sit down and choose something and type. It has not helped that I have written a few emails to people and as they know they are often longer than my posts. As much as I have written here on the blog much more has been written on comments to other blogs and personal emails…

Here in Scotland we have a parliament with quite limited powers but the thing is small enough that they should just be able to get on with things so much quickly than the cumbersome English parliament which still controls most of the legislation. So why on earth are they still faffing about up here with their marriage equality bill when even the English have managed to get the legislation through and be rubber stamped by the Queen. Our lot of over paid crooks, (one was found guilty yesterday of physical abuse to a series of wives and step children and lying about it but still keeps job and £65,000 per year!), are still “consulting"…

Just over a week ago me and Julie were walking hand in hand through the same town where thirty years ago to the day we signed up to be together and look after each other probably until death and all that… In England we could now be legally two women married for thirty years but here we are married and two women though they still can’t make up their minds as to wether folk like us can get our paperwork sorted and live happily ever after. Is it little wonder that people are confused and often ask what our current status is!

At twenty five years we threw a large party but at thirty rather than give a big boost to the local economy we slipped away to have a restaurant lunch together. Thirty years ago there was not a fun-fair filling the streets where we normally park…

Much later in the week we did have a few friends round for what we had hoped would be a garden party, I spent last Friday, after watching a weather forecast, tidying a house fairly neglected since the painting work began. As predicted it rained though nobody seemed to care with bubbly wine and food on offer, music just happened when Elizabeth my garden help until recently brought her friend Joanna along and they commandeered the glass house attached to the house and played Scottish fiddle music. Eventually the sun broke through and chairs were carried out to take advantage then all carried back to the glasshouse when it restarted an hour or so later. For the first time ever we had everything cleaned up the same day as the party, just as well since we quickly called people to come and help eat the remaining food the next day.

Every day has been long and hard this summer and I have only been out of rags for the few social occasions otherwise working in the garden or on the painting job. There was one day when our friend Louise came to stay and that gave us an excuse to go off together for an afternoon on our bikes like a couple of kids, Julie has always hated bikes… It is always the same year after year, if the weather is perfect for a cycle ride it is also perfect for home maintenance or gardening, little cycling can be justified!

Just a wee bit tired.



  1. You are clearly proud of your garden produce! I have much better weather down here in sunny Sussex, but I'm no gardener, and hardly ever have guests round to take tea and cake on my lawns, so the lovely sun and blue skies are wasted!


  2. Too much time being spent with your arm down the drain eh Lucy? LOL. Autumn comes a wee bit earlier in Scotland so it will be a few weeks yet before many of the same fruits become ripe here and even longer on the south coast. The harvest looks good though Caroline. I like the pic Caroline and the lovely blue dress. You deserve the rest by the way!

    Shirley Anne x

  3. I am sure that they will make up their minds in due course. Seems crazy that they are prevaricating on something that should be straight forward. Still you are married and thirty years is a lovely milestone. Have to say the party sounded fun, I do like fiddles !

    Like the dress by the way

  4. I love your dress! Congratulations to you both on your anniversary.

    Here in France we've got it sorted - except the antis are still protesting. They shoot themselves in the foot every time they open their mouths. Anyone would think that all homosexuals just want to adopt lots of children and make their lives a misery. I’ve taught the results of heterosexual blunders, so I wouldn’t say all man and woman teams are necessarily best for a child.

    Thank goodness we live in a world where at least you can walk in the street hand in hand.


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