Monday, 2 September 2013

More house renovation...

My apologies for the last post, A report on a test run of the new equipment is a standard part of many blogs but as regular readers would have realised they were hardly ever expecting one from me. I had thought that an innocent trip to the airport to collect a friend and giving away some decent old clothes might get misinterpreted but… I put it down to the imprecise nature of English!

I have been doing some spring cleaning, well what do you call it when you clean out hundreds of bookmarks and thousands of emails of comment threads from years past. Most of these people gave up on me long ago and went on their own paths. My life is increasingly in the here and now and the computer was getting full of the near past… Little chance after house maintenance costs over the summer of getting a replacement computer in the near future and quite honestly now that my project of transformation has moved into it’s end phase I find little use for the thing now.

I had contemplated a new blog based on the house and garden since from now on we are mainly based in the house and garden! I have a blog title set up and was writing a few pieces as introduction and to try and set a voice and style for the blog. The good starting points have now passed and the first writings are now out of date as the summer is quickly turning to autumn here. I mentioned the new blog idea to gain some feedback and got none… My conclusion is that the world does not need a blog about two slightly bohemian old ladies trying to survive in the twilight of their years.

The last gasps of summer seem to have coincided with the early arrival of our replacement windows, thankfully dry and still mild which is needed since workmen have a need to leave all doors wide open! There were some shamed faces on Thursday when after hauling the window frame up to the roof level it was found to be too wide for the half dismantled space where the old rotten windows had been! It can only happen to me, it does only happen to me! 

Luckily they are a local company and they were able to take it away and re-fabricate it leaving the two fitters with not enough to keep them busy for the extra two and a half hours wasted. We sat drinking coffee in the late afternoon sun to kill some time and with extra help from another team they had the small bay fitted in record time clearly eager to get home but savouring the overtime, they were last heard agreeing on a finishing time for the day...The new sized double glazed units have to be ordered so we have a not so classy plywood pair of windows at the top of the house. Now that the windows will keep the draughts out of the rooms in the roof it is tempting to stop using them just for junk but return them to sunny lookout posts and a good place to go and read. Sorting the old junk is something that only Julie can do, it is mostly her old family stuff, before my time…

The house is far from finished but better than it has ever been in my time here, all I need to do now is work steadily through the winter when possible on the garden where there is an infinite amount of work available! Julie still can’t believe that I now just keep on going. She may no longer find me attractive in any physical way but does find me a much better companion...


  1. You're doing well Caroline and isn't it better than just sitting on your backside doing nothing? Without a doubt Julie must be so appreciative that she has such a willing partner. Think of all the money you are saving too by doing as much as you can and not paying someone else! Another bonus is it must be keeping you fit!

    Shirley Anne x

  2. Wonderful to have the old place all renovated, ready for new purposes. Yet sometimes knowing exactly what to do with it is hard. We have all know those who procrastinate about fixing all that rundown stuff.

    You have increased curb appeal my dear. Perhaps you might rename your blog around that theme?

  3. Your attic room looks very different from when I saw it a couple of weeks ago; looking forward to admiring the view from those deck chairs you are installing.

  4. That's a lovely view. Going to be really nice to watch the weather from there when you are warm inside ....

  5. the wind and rain just sort of slow down when they reach my flat.... did they take the nails off those toes? -I've got a similar thing going on down there too, boo


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