Sunday, 26 January 2014

Seeking a way forward... Computer full of treacle and grit.

How quickly things change in life. 

Only a short time ago I had set up a potential new blog to be about living with our house and garden which require a bit more energy and money than we have available. I started writing introductions to try and get a flavour of how I would approach the new posts, It was even mentioned here to see if there would be any encouragement. That was in the early autumn as the growing season in the garden drew to an end and I began to lay it up for the winter. I was busy before going to get my toes repaired. Yes, they are fine, so no need to ask… All trace of that potential blog has been erased now.

If I had an interesting story to tell I think it is the one I have told here, there may be more to tell but post ideas just do not come to me like they used to do. 

What is there to say beyond life has turned out so much better than I had ever imagined it would and unless I am sitting at the computer I do not give my past transitional life much thought, I get up in the morning and get on with life as I should always have been able to do without having to play a role to fit in with expectations from the rest of the world. The world I lived in did not implode by my being my true self, it just got better as the distortion field I had maintained around me broke up.

During my online life I really expected that part of my life to slowly and continuously expand. I was drawn here often several times per day to see how others were getting on and was always eager to join in conversations, the latter still applies but nearly everyone has melted away…

I have rarely abandoned a post but after lunch the tirade at the stupidity of large tech companies is out of my system, is now deleted, and you have no need to know why I have taken against google but them having a file on my computer which drew 94% of the processing power was the final straw! Caroline was an early user of G+ but is no more. Social media does not seem to be for me. In all the time I was there my input generated far too little interaction and I certainly do not want everything I do online all clumped together in one place, and as has recently happened, out of my control. If my comments require an "f "or a "G" profile, as more seem to, then my voice will not be heard…

I have been here long enough for many of you to know my routine, make marmalade, wonder about what to do with the garden this coming year, dream about possible holiday trips, just refer back to previous january postings… Obviously I have been doing a few other things but I now feel less inclined to write a public diary and more inclined to just get on with the new life. If I don’t post so often it is because I have far too much to do round the house and garden, more than enough for this lifetime. 

Post op updates have been my least popular posts so the two year one due on the third of February is here, now, between the lines and I feel should be the last anniversary update since everything has settled down just fine. Any further changes will be no different to the everyday changes my half of the population all go through…

It has been said before, I have an email address and will happily give you an individual blog post reply with joy…


Thursday, 23 January 2014

Google kills!

Google kills!

Click on it and ZDNet will tell you how their stupid policies show no regard for personal safety!

Spread the word and beware...

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Virtual christmas tree.

Yesterday I saw the first easter eggs, got to hand it to them christians, they are keen on chocolate and it’s cunning use in spreading their word! Soon be seeing the first hot crossed buns...

I have never been one for new year resolutions since the logical me knows that good intentions will so easily be destroyed by a few months of the most miserable weather. This year I have broken with tradition and made one with every hope of keeping it. I have given up sex, a very small word so that can’t be too difficult can it. The first result of this is that my first post of the year was to have been one of those playful ones which might have been misread by those whose minds think that way... Rare these days for a blog post to rattle in my head for so long as an innocent post about a new kitchen toy evolving into something which I knew could be misread, I have perhaps done this before and it was bad of me. My curiosity about, amusement by and pity for the over sexed has had it’s day and it is now just an irritation polluting every strand of modern life. Scream at me if my resolution slips. 

Humans seem to be obsessed by it. The only good thing about it is that it works the opposite way for me so advertisers trying to sell something like chocolate will most likely put me off buying the product which otherwise I might have bought too much of, going to save me money and cut down on calories, win, win.

Another year looms ahead and I am trying to both maintain some activity whilst the weather suggests returning to bed covers with a good book would be the best idea, and contemplating cheap projects to fill my time.

A friend hinted back in May that she had already reserved a holiday home for several weeks in the summer with a spare room if we wished to drop by, that has all been confirmed so for once holiday not in France is scheduled and my gardening year will have to be planned around it. I could expend all my energy in the garden and still not manage to do everything I would like to do, some wall repointing in the spring and some removal of over large conifers which now house pigeons which have become a pest and have to go before any other birds think that they will make good nest sites… Never ends.

This old house has always had a lack of organised storage which got worse when Julie’s sister took away many of the best pieces of furniture after her mother died, drawer space vanished and book cases remained and not enough of them… This year I hope to create some more built in storage then perhaps random piles will not form themselves so frequently. This is NOT a resolution! Even Julie has finally started to tackle a slow wade through sixty years accumulation of stuff from the time she has lived in this house, a couple of hours each day until the good weather and this place could be transformed.

Sorry about the gloomy light on my virtual christmas tree photograph. In the tidy up for a large new year’s day lunch party I found needles from three years ago hidden in nooks and crannies, I will not be saying the same in three years about this “tree”.