Wednesday, 25 February 2015

The internet saved my life, now Google wants to kill us all!

Google often behaves irrationally. Not long ago it was linking accounts without asking and causing deaths in the process. It likes to mess up my accounts all the time and all no-reply emails from Google are addressed as coming from an individual blogger, one I do not even follow! This was the main reason I started withdrawing from using Google services and stopped posting to my blog.

Now if you read the link google wants to shut down a whole raft of sites it has decided it no longer likes. Like a trawler it does not care which sites get caught in its net and get closed down.

Overnight your blogs could be effectively dead, locked out of interacting on the net unless the blog owner invites you directly, how on earth would you be found!? You could find yourself in the dark at the bottom of a mine shaft, lost to the world.

If anyone could post an easy to follow guide on how to migrate a blog to another platform and especially maintain all links they would be doing a lot of people a great favour.

 Brave new world!

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