Sunday, 20 December 2015

Life just gets better.

How time flies. I have always found this dark and dreary time of year somewhat depressing. Nearly two months of ads to be glutenous and spend beyond our means to give  presents few need or want knowing full well that the sales start only a day or so after the rebirth of the sun. Perhaps having mean selfish parents who gave rubbish presents, and certainly never anything someone like me would ever want, did not help...

A week from now and I can stop watching the video recordings with no christmas ads and life can return to normal. Since transition I bounce back quickly in the new year whilst in the past the dark dreary months  do little to dampen my new enthusiasm for life.

When we start a transition the way is laid out before us in seemingly enormous lengths of time, a year for this, two years for that etc. It seems like it would never end yet here I am four years past my trip to Brighton to be reborn.

The only christmas present I have ever really appreciated was a slightly negative one but a landmark moment. It was four years ago when christmas marked the time to stop hormones prior to my operation, something which focuses the mind on just how far you have come and how quickly the time passed once that first step on the path was taken.

If there is a downside to transition it can only be that something like the calorie content of the food about at this time of year will plump up the body faster than you ever could imagine possible. Could be why I still hate christmas but look forward to a happy new year. 

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