Friday, 17 August 2018

Notes from Bramble Cottage.

Once my life was completely centred round blogs and the net. My life had been slipping ever deeper into a dark place and it saved me. Me, who had rarely written more than a shopping list for decades started to write this blog, it only seemed fair when I was reading the innermost thoughts of others. 

Once my experiences seemed less relevant to the current transitioners, and my life had been transformed, there seemed little to write here. I planned a new blog based on notes from my garden here at Bramble Cottage. I registered it at this time of year and wrote several posts to try out the subject and writing style but in the end decided that it was probably not a blog that many would be subscribing to. I have just got on with my life.

I was reminded of this fact as I was confronted with a huge crop of brambles which started ripening this week, we are very regular at the moment!

Thoughts moved on to how the garden had changed over time. It was originally a place for me to hide from the world, a garden can absorb all your energy and still look like you had hardly bothered! As my moods darkened this village garden started to turn into a small suburban forrest, did I mention hiding from the world? The supposedly slow growing trees took off like crazy in the rich garden soil and soon started to block out the light. Those living here and neighbours were not exactly happy. 

Here comes the juicy bit, the T part, the warning… If you are going to Transition M2F I would suggest  taking advantage of all that unwanted testosterone by burning up any anger doing heavy garden work while you can. Once that is gone you will wonder how on earth you managed to place things in the garden since they now seem immovable. All those jobs you put off because you were sure to die before they became urgent, they will need doing and will be exhausting!

Do not imagine that any of your male friends will be available to help. They have not run away because they cannot imagine being seen with you, they have all had strokes, got dementia, diabetes, awaiting a triple heart bypass or the latest one, had all their small intestines removed through blood clot! I tried paying for help for first time in my life undoing the first half of the job they made a mess and broke things and never returned for the second half… 

Well unlike transition, a garden is never completed and I can live with the half wilderness which my garden has become around the different sitting places for different times of day as we chase or hide from the sun. Latest garden accessory is a wine fridge to make sure that there is a selection of bottles always available as I finally have learned to sit back and enjoy the moment.

This stuff does not flow out quite how it used to!. Recap, get on with it and stop being so depressed, it can work out fine and you can keep friends, take advantage of the male hormone while you can.

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