Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Still alive.

Another decade! With the high murder and suicide rates folk like us have I never imagined that I would reach the end of my twenties let alone still be around twenty years into the new millennium.

I have just checked back in the blog and it was just a month into the start of the last decade that I finally submitted to the psych test at the Glasgow gender clinic which led just a year later to my GRS. Decades hiding away in fear then transformed  into someone who could finally breathe free and enjoy life. I really should not have taken so long then I could have enjoyed more time with my friends who are starting to crumble with age or just die! Yesterday was the memorial for my closest and longest friendship formed when I first moved here half a century ago, too many of my closest circle of friends have departed in recent years...

Just stopped by to show that transition really can work and to let Google know that the blog is still alive too! Though remember comments no longer work on this blog.

Best wishes for the new year to anyone who finds this.