Sunday, 3 January 2021

Random thoughts.

Half a century of mental isolation due to being transsexual in a medical truth denouncing world set me up for a quite enjoyable 2020. The air cleared and I was able to hear every chime of the town clock without the constant background rumble of traffic. Just like a forty year flip back in time. Since I have spent those years maintaining a home and garden with little money but plenty of time, not much had changed. Others may not have remained so calm…

This blog was once the core of my life through too many years of transition. I recently came across a cache of over 650 bookmarks under a forgotten heading, there were many others long deleted from those times. It reminded me of countless fellow bloggers and almost without exception their online work has vanished. There used to be much grumbling as each blogger did their time, got as far as they felt they could or needed to, and went “stealth”. This was considered a dubious and bad thing, why would they abandon us like that?

I am sure many just wanted to vanish into society and felt cutting links to visible past was a wise thing to do. I was visible long before transition and always felt it would be pointless to try and hide my past. As it turns out, taking on a real persona and living that life openly and honestly is just what we always hoped for and it just works for many of us. It has worked for me. After a few weeks of trying to tell people face to face what I was going to do it became impossible to remember who had been told and who had somehow been told by others, at that point I gave up and just got on with life… Now I am just me and have no idea who amongst my newer friends knows of an interesting past and I suspect that many do not and if they do they certainly have never given the slightest clue. Call it stealth but it is just getting on with life, why else would we want to change?

How long ago you are asking yourselves. So long I keep forgetting! Anyway it is near the anniversary of a long snowy trip to get my GRS. More than I could ever have hoped for.

My best wishes for anyone else on a similar journey. A decade on my experiences probably bare very little resemblance to whatever the current procedures are. Heck we can even marry anyone we like here in the UK and that was beyond anybody's wildest dreams!