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The post I wish I had read twenty years ago…


I know TMTR, but it might save your life...

After a year of being frozen I discovered that my other blog, a photo blog which ran daily for nearly six years, had become unfrozen! If any of you who read this followed it, I have to say that not having the outlet for my quirky view on the world caused me to lose interest, especially since the world is now smothered daily by more images than were produced in the whole 200 year history of chemical/silver-based photography. That rant over ... I really dislike the new blogger interface so...

I came here to see if this blog had been shaken out of its straight - jacketed state by Google, but sadly, not so. Still very little functionality beyond making a new post and even then my template is broken. So here is a rare one from this dormant, freezing hulk of a blog. I rarely even write a shopping list now, so please forgive any lack of style.

My life has been a long series of fitting into minority boxes, the trans one being a prime example. I have found another. If, like me, you have changed your body chemistry with magic female hormone you may have also added a certain body mass as time has gone on. You have, like me, probably tried to address this with various degrees of success then slowly losing absolute control slipped back into more relaxed eating habits and not been too happy.

There are an infinite number of "diet plans" it seems and companies ready to sell you ready-made drinks and meals to give you that beach-ready body that you always dreamed about - well, unless your favourite beach is a naturist one where you are accepted whatever nature gave you, which is where my whole blog started so many years ago.

These last two years have offered their own challenges and mine was remaining home with a vulnerable partner and surviving mainly because a couple of friends have been dropping off groceries. We live in the UK and those bags often contained crumpets which, when toasted and covered with a good spread of butter, are a pure delight. Very slowly I regained a stone - 14 pounds. Yes we are still in the stone age in the UK. Then we got supermarket delivery slots which had before been unobtainable and my partner started ordering ginger flavoured biscuits! Weight started to be gained more quickly!

I was going to revert to a previously successful 5:2 intermittent fasting diet but with the world slowly opening up and visitors sharing the garden sunshine with us, having visitors on a fast day was not going to be fun. I thought that I would see if anyone had posted videos of any way that they had worked something similar. That is when I slipped down the rabbit hole of body chemistry videos. My other reason for some research was because my last blood test had shown a growing insulin intolerance and posed a threat of drug intervention, I had already heard of horror stories of how doctors trained many decades ago treat such patients and it is beyond illogical!

I was a solitary geeky kid who obviously could never find role models in fiction so as a teenager I read chemistry and physics books like novels. I have been fascinated by just how much recent research has been done on the very complex chemistry which goes on in uncountable trillions of chemical reactions in our bodies daily.

I have to admit to having reservations about writing this post. I do not wish to be responsible for anyone regretting their choice to try what is working for me, so I would suggest doing your own searches for evidence so that it makes sense before trying it.  What you will be up against is the entrenched medical "thinking" which your doctor, trained decades ago, will quote like a ranting preacher.

First they will test your blood for sugar for countless years and tell you that they are happy, until one day, about ten years later than they should have done, they will actually test for insulin levels because they have a pretty good idea that you have been following the SAD (Standard American Diet, but much the same world over) and have ruined your ability to control blood sugar with insulin. They will rub their hands and say that they have a nasty drug which will ruin your system in time and help you put on a lot of weight. I think such a suggestion should be treated much like the witch offering a rosy-red poisoned apple with a toothless smile. You should run!

The circulation system can only handle one teaspoon of blood sugar at any time. Any extra sugar has to be dealt with double quick. Insulin is produced to open the liver cells to store this. There is a limit after which it will be stored elsewhere. Good as the body is, it over-produces the insulin which, when sugars have been dealt with, remains in your system, giving you an energy dip because insulin nastily is now stopping the energy stored in the liver from being used! Best have a quick, carb snack and you are set on the insulin-carb rollercoaster for the day, probably starting minutes after you woke and had a carb-loaded breakfast. After your last evening snack, it will take most of the night for the system to settle then wham, back on the ride! Since the 50s and especially since the SAD recommendations of the 70s the west has been on a high carb, low fat max seed oil diet.

Before that, for tens of thousands of generations, easily absorbed, highly-refined carbs were hard to come by and at best were seasonal fruits just when you needed to slowly store some reserves for winter. Healthy saturated fats formed much of the diet from meats. Seed oils were a future industrial chemist's wet dream so that they could play with their carcinogenic solvents at high temperatures and pressures and then try to wash them out with bleach and other chemicals in their chemistry set to stop the highly unstable oils from oxidising the moment they touch the air.

If your "doctor" has caught you out having poor insulin response, you are not alone. Until the 50s it was fairly rare but slowly increasing, but if you see the graph of world-wide obesity and diabetes the graph rises like your plane taking you off on holiday. Relax, says your "doctor", cut out pure sugars, take the nasty drug, and base your diet on a daily THREE HUNDRED GRAMS of carbohydrate which turns to sugars in your system within minutes! Only eat low fat foods which have added sugars and artificial sweeteners, based on weedkiller and turn to embalming fluid and wood alcohol in your body. And do not forget, only the industrial cocktail which was once a nice plant material but is now an Omega 6 filled disaster.

How did we get here? Researchers reassessing the original research data and researchers correspondence from that time have unsurprisingly found that they were being funded by the sugar industry, and hey, saying lower fat consumption must stop you getting fat will be believed if they say it loud and often. Nobody ever tells you that your body can manufacture all of the carbs it needs from the fat that is stored, if it is given the chance!

As a once science geeky child reading chemistry and physics text books instead of heterosexual games and violence fiction like everyone else, even I am amazed by how much has been discovered about the minute chemical workings of the human body. It is a great shame that your "doctor" is not aware of them.

If their recommended diet was really how your body works, then carbohydrates are the only fuel the body runs on and the brain needs 600 calories of sugar based chemicals every day to survive. A couple of days fasting and your "doctor" should be writing out your death certificate! The Inuit living on only the animals they hunted must have been a fictional being! They had never seen a vegetable and certainly not a vitamin C stuffed lime. They had eaten almost nothing but saturated fat for three thousand years. Of course, now, eating the food supplied by outsiders, they have type two diabetes in higher numbers than their suppliers. Could it be that "doctors" have been telling us the wrong thing? Are they not concerned that we are all going to die from diabetes before the planet overheats!!

I am angry with myself for letting my long depression with "T" problems make me loose track of the ball. I have now done a complete U turn and cut out as much carb from my diet as possible.

No sweets, ever! Very careful with only eating very low carb foods and selective on nuts because some have very high Omega 6 which you will find needs to be balanced with Omega 3 - who knew!?

I shun the industrial polyunsaturated seed oils. I use cold pressed olive oil for dressing salads and cook with duck and goose fat. Tough luck if you are vegetarian or vegan. It might be harder to find fats for cooking, Try coconut oil.

I aim for four to six ounces of grass fed meat or some fatty fish like salmon or sardine each day.

Preferably unpasteurised full fat farm cheese and yoghurt.

I eat until I am satisfied over about an hour or so and that is it for the day!

My body is now adapted to using fat as the main source of energy, and yes it can make enough blood sugars to keep my brain going since it is now about eight weeks since I started working up to this regime. I HAVE NOT BEEN HUNGRY FOR EIGHT WEEKS!

Idiot as I was, I paid too little attention and assumed that a Keto diet was probably just another fad diet when it is actually the "Human Biochemist's Diet". I was hovering under 16 stone when I stopped looking at the bathroom scales. This morning my weekly weigh-in said 13 stone 13 1/2 pounds, I had hoped to be down to 14 by Christmas...

Others may get different mileage.

 I suggest you do your own investigations and wish you luck.

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My friend Deanna is following same plan and has a better post WITH pictures!


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